Corn Maze … in the dark

Marini Farm Scarecrow

Marini Farm Scarecrow

Our neighbors wanted to take Max to the Corn Maze at Marini Farms in Ipswich. They’re open during the day, but Keenan, their son, wanted to try the maze at night. Marini Farms had flashlight nights on Friday and Saturday, so we could get lost in a corn maze … in the dark.

If you ever go, there’s plenty to see and do. Apart from the maze, there’s pumpkin’s, a farm stand, and a bouncy field. They’ll also be starting apple shooters, which are kind of like potato shooters.

The Entrance

The Entrance

Tickets for the maze at night were $10 per person, but they are less expensive during the day. Bring your own flashlights. There’s also a lesser children’s rate during the day. There certain rules for the maze: like no running and don’t pick the corn. After purchasing tickets, obtaining safety flags, and dealing out the flashlights, we headed over to the entrance … in the dark.

Benny lead the way at first

Benny lead the way at first

For a time my neighbor, Benny, lead the way, but it was difficult to contain the excitement of the boys, Keenan, max, and Colby. They had no fear whatsoever of diving into the maze … in the dark.

Sure, There's a Map

Sure Sure, there's a map

Oh sure! There’s a map. The maze has two maps … in the dark. The maze covers over 8 acres. We did a lot of walking … in the dark. The paths are plowed out in the spring, when the corn is about knee high. A tractor driver is assisted by a GPS to plot out the paths through the corn.

Are you sure?

Are you sure it's this way?

There were no minotaurs in the maze, which was a good thing. I kinda felt like Shoeless Joe Jackson from Field of Dreams, as I tromped my way through the stalks … in the dark. After the grown-ups started to get tired, it befell upon me to get us all out … in the dark. Using the map as a guide I used Theseus’ trick of keeping one hand on the “wall.” It didn’t always work, because I didn’t have an outside wall. I could find my way to certain objects in the maze.

Tasks too!?

What?! There are tasks, too?!

That’s right, there are objects in the maze, hidden … in the dark. There’s more to it than finding your way through … in the dark. There are stations throughout the maze that assist you in completing tasks. There’s a scramble game. You look for stations in the maze that give you a word, and you right the word on a scramble sheet. If you find all the words, then you can guess the secret word at the end.

There are also 9 pictographs hidden throughout the maze … in the dark. You find them, and take a rubbing as proof that you’ve been to that station. If you come across a station, and you recognize it, that means you’ve been there before.

Our own children of the corn

Keenan, Colby, and Max: Our Children of the Corn

We didn’t complete the puzzles and pictograph stations. It takes about 2 hours to complete the maze, and we started around 9 pm. We started to get hungry there … in the dark. We found our way out, and luckily, we found a pizza place still open in Topsfield. Great time had by all.

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