Images from St Thomas USVI

Land and Sea

I admire the stark almost abstract sections of green trees, brown rock, and aquamarine sea.

In 2006, the family went to St Thomas. These are some of the images I was able to get.


I caught this lonely boat passing in front of St John.

Storm 1

The sea breezes over St John created a down pour, that appeared as a white puff over the gray rain and green land over the glistening sea.

Storm 2

Sometimes the storms looked pinkish.


Yup - those are fish.

100 seps

The stairs that lead to "Black Beard's Castle," which is really the old Governor's compound.


Crab on the beach

Frigate Bird

One of my most favorites: Blue sky with speckles of white clouds as the black frigate bird soars past with the light on his beak.

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