La Croix Valmer

Le Croix Valmer

Mosaic at the Tourist Info Building

It was near the Village of La Croix Valmer that the Roman Emperor, Constantine, had a vision. Legend has it that he saw a Cross in the sky, and a voice told him to carry a cross before him in battle, that he would not lose. He did, and won his next battle. He was thus inspired to convert the Roman Empire to Christianity.

A sign in front of a driveway

A sign in front of a driveway

I found La Croix Valmer to a great place to take it easy. I found a different sign, telling me to slow down and take it easy.


Market Day was Sunday

The following are views my wife and I had while walking from town back to the villa.

A hotel near a vinyard

A hotel near a vinyard

Tall pines

Tall pines near the beach

Entrance to a driveway

Entrance to another driveway

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