St. Tropez

In 2013, we returned to St. Tropez. Again, I was struck by the boats, the pretty tourists, the ally ways, and the shore. Most tourist hang around the main esplanade. That’s where the large yachts of the rich and famous dock. The restaurants there do not have any seats where patrons sit face-to-face. Rather, all the seats face out, to watch people pass by, and perhaps, catch a glimpse of celebrity.

It is also worth it to poke around the ally ways. The walls are vibrantly colored. The shops, bakeries, and boutiques cram the spaces along the sides. The paving stones are cleaned nearly to a polished sheen.

Pink and Blue Allyway

Pink and Blue Allyway

Church of St Tropez

Church of St Tropez

We spent a day in St. Tropez for the 2009 trip. My son wanted to go to the old fort, which gave us great views of the city. The Monastery Church of St. Tropez offers a colorful center piece.

Newport St Tropez

I travel all the way from New England to Southern France to run into a boat named, "Newport."

The Bay of St Tropez

City by the bay

No Old San Juan

No Old San Juan

Outter Bay

The bay before heading out to sea

The Church of St Tropez 1

The Church of St Tropez through the brush.

The Church of St Tropez 2

A closer look

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