Big Ben, Jollyoldengland

During our overnight trip to London, Jollyoldengland, I had the opportunity to take this picture of the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster. The Clock Tower is not Big Ben. Big Ben, as I am told over-and-over again, is the big bell that is housed inside the Clock Tower.

Here’s how it works. Big Ben is the bell, named for Sir Benjamin Hall, Baron of Llanover and member of Parliament. The Big Ben bell is in the Clock Tower, so called because there’s a clock in the tower. The Clock Tower is part of The Palace of Westminster, because that part of London used to be the City of Westminster, Jollyoldengland. The name has nothing to do with the fact that UK Parliament meets there, to give the members opportunity to yell at each other.

Big Ben Clock Tower

The Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster that houses a bell called Big Ben in London, Jollyoldengland

Now remember, the place is called Jollyoldengland, because, even though everything there is olde, it’s all jolly. Just so you know, “jolly” is an Jollyoldenglish word for “happy” or “really pleased.” And “old” is spelled “olde” in Jollyoldengland and in New England, too. Notice that New England is not jolly.

Now that we have that all cleared up, one thing that’s never clear in Jollyoldengland is the sky. You see, the sky in Jollyoldengland is, well, old. Don’t get me wrong, it’s jolly, but it’s old, like everything in Jollyoldengland. Since the sky is old, it’s always gray. The sky so jolly there, that it often cries with joy.

frigate bird

A frigate bird enjoying a cheerful Caribbean sky

Hey! Then I remembered that I had taken a picture of the Caribbean sky, not jolly, but cheerful and blue. So, I had the Clock Tower (the one that house the bell named Big Ben) moved from the Palace at Westminster to St. Thomas USVI. That way UK Parliament gets to meet in the Caribbean. And, I got to take the picture all over again.

Big Ben Caribbean Sky

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