Neighborhood 4th of July Parade

What did I do for the 4th of July? Why, I walked down to the end of my driveway; I had to get ready for 10 am. I’m usually there every 4th with my wife, kids, parents, and maybe a few guests. I serve mimosas with breakfast.

Here comes the Grand Marshalls at the front of the Parade, followed by the Wilson Family Band.

Grand Marshalls

Grand Marshalls

Some of the entries are rather clever. This guy did a series of over-sized children’s books.

Wild Thing 1

Wild Things Cover

He’s done over-sized fish and go-carts in prior years. Click >HERE< to see his fish on a Flickr account.

Wild Thing 2

Wild Things Open

Many neighbors put together rather lavish floats. Some are planned weeks in advance, and constructed with meticulous care. Others are thought up at the last possible minute, and many, many bottles of beer contribute to the overnight (or early morning) construction.

Lord Stanley Cup

Get your name on the Cup

Floats often cover current events. This one celebrates the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup Champion ship. The Queen of the float offers kids a chance to toss a ball into the Cup. Those that make it, get to have their name written on the pedestal, of course.

It is a “Horribles Parade,” after all. You never know what to expect. Stuff like making fun of politicians, tongue-in-cheek banners, and men in drag is to be expected.


Rep. Anthony Weiner was too good to pass up for many.

In fact, some can be rather over the top. I am not going to discuss all of the floats in the parade. I don’t have quality photos. I don’t want the blog entry to be too long. And, as you can see by the sign, there are other reasons.

Parental Advisory

You never know what you'll get.

These guys have been in the parade almost every year, since I can remember. They went to high school with my parents.

The Band

The Band

Still, they know only two songs: “Charley in the MTA,” and “This Land Is My Land.”

The Pig

The Pig

I like the pig on wheels.

Finally, the ladies of the neighborhood did not want their sense of hat fashion to be outdone by Royal Wedding Invitees.

Patriotic Hats better than Royal Hats

Patriotic Hats better than Royal Hats

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