Fenway with Wake and Ichiro

On July 24, 2011 the Red Sox took on the slumping Seattle Mariners. It was a big day for Tim Wakefield. He threw is 2,000th strike out as a member of the Red Sox, and won is 199th career win as an MLB pitcher. On the other hand, Francona took Wake out of the game after he gave up a grand slam.

Tim Wakefield

Starting Pitcher Time Wakefield

Here’s Ichiro striking his stoic pose as he waits for the pitcher. Who knows why he does this. Perhaps he’s pretending he’s got a bow and arrow instead of a bat.

Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro striking his pre-pitch pose.

Now what’s with Kevin Youkilis’ batting stance? Okay, I get that he’s trying to keep loose and relaxed. The bat’s over his head, and his left hand is loose. His body slowly gyrates, like a belly dancing Homer Simpson. Sure, I can see keeping the bat high, so it comes down and swoops through the strike zone.

Youk's pre-pitch pose

Youk's pre-pitch pose

Then all this relaxation appears to get thrown to the four winds. As the pitcher throws the ball, Youk appears to tense up and bring the bat down. Okay sure, it seems to work for him, but why the keep loose dance, if you’re going to wrench yourself up in a moment?

Youk, why so tense?

Youk, why so tense?

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