Jack’s Hearse

Jack's Hearse

This is kind of a cool story. About 20 years ago, I came across an old, two lens, medium format camera that belonged to my family. I took a liking to it. It still works, and I was able to take a few photos with it.

So I go off to visit my high school buddy, Jack Younger, to show off my gadget. He had temporarily moved back in with his parents, after he purchase a used Cadillac hearse. He asked me to take a couple of shots. Yes, the hearse was his main mode of transportation for a few years.

Jack has always had a profound love of music and performance. He also taught himself sound engineering, and he found a liking for mixing music tracks. Mostly self taught, he did the sound engineering for a night club or two in the Boston area.

After having enough of working nights, he opened his own studio and started producing albums. The business is now know as Watch City Studios.

Jack and Hearse Cover

About a year ago, he worked with a band called Babydriver. Of course I had sent scanned jpeg versions to Jack. When the band saw them, the members wanted to use the images for their cover art. Jack agreed. He asked my permission for use, and I agreed.

Looks like the songs were published in April of 2011, and the CD is out with my pics adorning the jacket.

Soundbites are available at Bandcamp.

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