Ipswich River

I’ve been driving past this spot almost every day now for months, back-and-forth from work. Actually forth and back, because you really have to go forth first before you go back home. Yet, we all say back first for some reason or another.

Well, this spot is in Topsfield, Massachusetts. I was standing on a small, unassuming bridge that carries route 97 over the Ipswich River. Cars were zipping around 50 miles per hours just past my backside. The rusty railroad ridge is used for hikers now, instead of trains. It’s part of a Rails-to-Trails conversion.

Ipswich River

Usually, I’m driving the car and zipping past this view. I was always catching it in the corner of my eye thinking, “I should stop and take a snap shot of that one day.” Well, I don’t really see it from the car very well. The view itself is tucked behind trees, and you can’t really see it until you cross the bridge. By that time, it’s too late. You have to turn your head for a glimpse, and in that time, you’re in the trees, because you missed a turn. Today, I finally stopped.

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