Juniper Cove

One of my favorite places in the world is right down the street from me. After a long hot Summer day at work, there’s not much better than taking a swim at Juniper Cove at high tide. It can be quiet and peaceful, or it can be full of neighbors. It’s always refreshing.

Rum Shark

The Rum Shark

One of the gems in the cove is a boat, the Rum Shark, owned by a local. My goal was to swim out to it, and take pictures at a low angle, hopefully catching some low angle sunlight for a golden or reddish effect. By getting low, the rich blue of the water takes over the image.

Pilot Fish

The Pilot Fish

The Rum Shark has a tender called the Pilot Fish.


Bill in the way

I also tried to get a photo of the opening of Juniper Cove to get a view of the horizon and Marblehead. My neighbor, Bill, kept getting in the way.

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