Bugatti Race Car from 1920′s

Conant and Rt 97

Waiting at a red light at the intersection of Rt 97 and Conant St.

Imagine my shock when I came across this ghost of a racecar stopped a traffic light just in front of me. I wasn’t really chasing it, as it really seemed to follow in front of me. The driver took it down my regular home commute route through part of Beverly, MA.

Bugatti 2

Sneaking snap shots the best I can.

My best guess is that it’s a Bugatti Type 35 (A,B,C?), a French racing car from the 1920’s. The owner keeps it in “Bleu de France.” That’s French for “British Racing Green.” As the British colored their racing cars green, or the Italians used reds (like red Ferrari’s), the French color was blue with white letters.

It got away

Here's where he got away. Had to wait for traffic.

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