Okay, let’s start with Bouillabasisse. You can get bouillabaisse in most restaurants in Southern France. It’s a lovely mix of sautéed vegetables then simmered in a tomato, brothy sauce. It’s often served as a side dish, yet not in a crepe or noodle.

Bouillabaisse Lane

Allee de la Bouillabaisse - AKA - Bouillabaisse Lane

But, I’m not really talking about Bouillabasisse the food. I’m talking about a place. First you have to get off the main coastal road, and go down a side road called, “Allee de la Bouillabasse.” That’s French for “Bouillabasses Lane.” That illustrates a key difference between French and English. French, by default, almost always uses more words to mention the same thing than in English.

Mimosas Lane

Not likely to get a glass of Mimosa here.

The other thing you have to remember when you translate from English to French or back again, is that English is a rough language. Always speak English with a rough grumbly tone, especially American English. When you speak French, be light and airy. Envision yourself as Audrey Hepburn when speaking French. In fact, I downloaded a French vocabulary app. I plugged it into my car sound system. The English word would be given in a very masculine tone “FISH,” while the speakers voice involuntarily turned feminine when giving the French translation, “Le Poisson.” Also, note that it takes one word to say “fish” in English, but two in French.” It’s just the way French is.

Sadly, you don’t go down Allee des Mimosas (3 words), which means Mimosas Lane (2 words). I was just very recently asked if they serve mimosas there at the Allee des Mimosas, and the answer is most likely not. A mimosa is, of course, orange juice with a champagne floater. When you see the sign, avoid the temptation, and look for a little dirt path on the left. That will bring you to Bouillabaisse Cove.

Bouillabaisse Cove

Bouillabaisse Cove

The cove is small. There may be beach goers there seeking and intimate, less crowded setting. I’m told there’s good snorkeling and plenty of fish.

Bouillabaisse Cove Mermaids

Complete with mermaids

There’s also a path that leads back to the big beach at the Baie de Cavalaire. Well, it’s not a complete path. You see that photo with the stairs way in the background? Well, somewhere from the vantage point of the photograph and those stairs, the path ends. You have to crawl over rocks and through some mild surf to get to those stairs where the trail resumes.


Get to the steps

Many of the following photo may remind you of the Caribbean. It’s not. It’s the Mediterranean, which is also difficult to spell. The water of both seas are not merely blue. Rather they are aqua marine, yet either tone of aqua marine is different.

Along the Path 1

Along the Path 2

Back to the beach at trail's end

Back to the beach at trail's end

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