US Open

I drove the wife down to Queens for the US Open. I’ve never been to a sporting event like it. It had the feel of a fancy county fair. Instead of going into a barn to look at a pig, instead of going to the bleachers to see a tractor pull, we went into intimate stadiums to watch world class athletes.

We walked around the grounds. We bought hats to keep the sun off, and I took a peek into court 17. There was Jalena Jankovik practicing. Then her coach said something about the Grand Stand, and she ran off with her staff.

Jelena Jankovic on Court 17

The original plan was to get to Louis Armstrong early, and camp there for a few matches.

Louis Armstrong Stadium

Louis Armstrong Stadium getting ready

Aga Radwanska

Aga serving

Aga Serving in the First Round

Andy Murray

Andy Murray serving in Louis Armstrong

It was hot. We left Louis Armstrong, got some smoothies, and cooled of in the shade. We then sauntered through the crowds to the smaller courts. I found Camila Giorgi on Court 5. She played a great first set, but the match didn’t end well for her.

Camila Giorgi

Camila Giorgi on Court 5

Still Hot

Back on Louis Armstrong Still Hot

Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens

Globe at Astoria Park

Thanks to Astoria Park

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